student advocacy

gsc supports you in your right to file a grievance concerning college-related issues arising from perceived unfair application of policies and procedures, for any reason.

before filing a written grievance, students are encouraged to discuss their concerns in a pre-grievance meeting with the college administrator/department chair in an effort to seek an informal resolution to the situation at issue.

if a matter cannot be resolved informally or if the student prefers to file a formal grievance, a written grievance must be submitted to the college compliance officer. the informal resolution process is strictly voluntary and is not a prerequisite to filing a formal grievance.

please note that issues regarding judgment of professional practice may not be grieved. (for example: judgment of the “best” answer of a test question or the judgment of professional practice clinical observation.)

for any questions about the complaint-grievance policy or to file a complaint contact the college compliance officer at:

complaint-grievance, general (pdf)


the good samaritan college campus is located in good samaritan hospital, part of the trihealth medical system.


our students practice their medical skills in our nationally-recognized simulation and skills lab.


study under faculty with doctorate degrees in their field.